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Pop Culture News: Bill and Melinda Gates’ Split and More

ICYMI, Shaysayss is giving you the rundown on the latest pop culture news. In this segment, she covers Will Smith’s fitness journey, Bill and Melinda Gates ending their marriage and the Tokyo Olympics banning Black Lives Matter apparel.

Latest news

  • As the summer approaches, #DadBod has been trending ever since Will Smith posted a photo on Instagram of his pandemic physique with the caption, “I’m going to get real with y’all. I’m in the worst shape of my life.” Other celebrities such as Anthony Anderson, Marlon Wayans, Chris Spencer and Flex Washington have also joined in on the hashtag #BigWillieChallenge, preparing to share the “after” pics in 12 weeks. Will Smith also teamed up with YouTube for a six-part unscripted show called “The Best Shape of My Life.” This series will unapologetically follow his fitness journey and is set to premiere sometime this year.
  • Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have officially separated after 27 years of marriage. The former couple shared on Twitter that after a great deal of thought and a lot of work on their relationship, they decided it was time to part ways. In addition to receiving $2 billion worth of stocks, $120 million in shares of Coca-Cola FEMSA and $386 million of Grupo Televisa, Melinda has also rented a private island in Grenada for $132,000 per night to escape the media. If you have that kind of money, which location would you travel to for an escape? 
  • Speaking of location, the Tokyo Olympics has limited athletes from wearing Black Lives Matter apparel. Kirsty Coventry, the International Olympic Committee Commission chief, stated, “A very clear majority of athletes said that they think it’s not appropriate to demonstrate or express their views on the field of play at the official ceremonies or podium. So our recommendation is to preserve the podium field of play and official ceremonies from any protests or demonstrations or acts perceived as such.” There are no restrictions on what athletes can wear for press conferences, interviews, or team meetings, though they will be banned if they decide not to abide by the laws. The Tokyo Olympics is set to start on July 23. But it’s still up for discussion due to a surge in Japan’s positive cases.

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