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Truth Unfolded 5 Years Later: How The Government And Political Leaders Handled The Eric Garner Case

Approximately five years after the death of Eric Garner, the Department of Justice released a statement saying they were no longer going to continue with the investigation into his death. Garner’s daughter, Emerald Garner, joined Bold TV to discuss her thoughts on how the government and political leaders have handled the situation surrounding her father’s death.

Garner expressed that the situation over the past five years consisted of more media buzz than actual action. “You just want to offer me condolences, you keep bringing me into the room to tell me the same thing over and over again,” Garner told Bold TV about her interactions with politicians.

She said she has expressed her frustrations with the repetitive talk from leaders and lack of progress from the government to process her request for justice, which she said would mean firing all police involved and continuing the investigation.

The police officer shown performing the hold on Eric Garner was forced to step down on Aug. 2, 2019. When asked if justice had been served, Emerald Garner responded, “I wouldn’t say that he was forced to step down. I would say that because the judge recommended charges, he had to be taken off of, you know, officially suspended, but he was never officially suspended, he was never stripped of anything. He was just on so-called desk duty. So, what happened on Aug. 2 should have happened five years ago.”

Garner even expressed her distaste for 2020 presidential candidate and current mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio for not exercising his authority on this issue. “Mayor DeBlasio, you have the power to fire him,” Garner said. She told Bold TV that she has “a problem with how Mayor de Blasio has painted this whole picture,” because of his claims that he knows the Garner family, yet could not recall her mother’s name in a meeting. “My mom got on the phone and he goes ‘remind me of your name again?’ And I was like, you don’t know my mom’s name? Saying that you know the Garner family, but you don’t know my mom’s name?”

The Garner family went beyond the state level searching for a satisfactory investigation into the case, but Garner expressed her disappointment in this process to Bold TV as well. When asked if her father’s case would be handled differently if it wasn’t being dealt with under the Trump administration, Garner said that she believes that former President Barack Obama used her family for a photo opportunity and did not give enough attention to her father’s case.

“We were under Obama’s administration when Eric Garner was killed,” she said, adding, “My sister met with President Obama. We were called down to a town hall, which they completely lied to us about, they told us we would do a meet-and-greet with President Obama … one minute you see us sitting behind Obama, the next minute you don’t. They used it as a photo-op.”

If you desire to contribute to the reformation of police handling and criminal justice, Garner suggests that you become active on social media as well as attend local rallies and community programs geared toward this initiative.

Photo credit: Flikr

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