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Signs of burnout in employees have increased exponentially. A little over two-thirds of employees are suffering from burnout symptoms while working from home.  Dr. Kimberly Wilson, creator of The Burnout Cure, and Hamza Khan, author of “The Burnout Gamble,” sat down with Philip to discuss this epidemic. 

Do you know how to ask for a raise? Are you feeling a bit nervous about approaching your boss? Here’s some advice from David Grasso.

Year-over-year, new business creation increases by almost 40% across the U.S. Talk about the land of opportunity! It seems like launching a start-up is a cinch. But getting small business funding isn’t as easy as some make it seem.

The average person will spend around 90,000 hours at work in the course of a lifetime; that’s a long time not to be happy. Philip Michael spoke with life coach Nikole Mitchell about making the pivot in your life to invest in yourself and your dream job. 

Issues such as the “confidence gap” and an aversion to the money side of business prevent people from reaching their full potential. Joining Philip is Dr. Charlene Walters, an author and a business/ branding mentor who focuses on women in business.

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