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Ethics Policy

Ethics is the foundation of trusted journalism; lack of ethics is the foundation of deception and confusion. In constant pursuit of fair and ethical reporting, Bold TV will not hide our funding, partnerships, mission or staff information. We will avoid conflicts-of-interest in reporting and provide clear notice of sponsored content. We will strive to acquire information from trusted sources while never quoting opinion, analysis, parody or satire as fact but alerting the audience to the journalism style that they’re consuming. We will prioritize stories that coincide with our mission to empower and inform the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Instead of taking a side on political and cultural topics, we will provide an open forum for every voice to be heard. We believe conversation is the path to understanding.

In our newsroom, office and decentralized remote work locations, we will foster an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect. We will source our team from diverse races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, geographics locations and politics. Bold TV will not foster intolerance or hate within our team or the content we produce. 

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