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Fact-Checking Policy

Accuracy is an essential pillar of reporting with integrity. To avoid perpetuating misinformation, Bold TV will check facts from multiple reputable news sources, gleaning information straight from the source if applicable. If a site does not name its source, we cannot trust that the information is reliable. Our diverse team will review content to ensure Bold TV does not preserve fake news, including conspiracy theory, parody and satire.

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Why Big Media is Bad for Democracy -
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It’s #MensHealthWeek, and it's important to talk about men’s mental health this week.
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#Californians are recalling Gov. #GavinNewsom because of how he handled pandemic restrictions. Here’s a look at how CA lost people to states such as #FL and #TX in the past year.
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Still Can’t Find the New PS5 and Xbox? A Game Console Shortage Is Upon Us -

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