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Is This the End of Investing as We Know It?

Has the response of platforms like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade to the GameStop scandal turned you off to investing? Do you feel like the stock market is rigged against ordinary people? Many retail investors are looking for new places and ways to invest and wonder if a return to normalcy is possible.

What message does the GameStop scandal response send?

Political and media strategist Ajay Bruno says that the response of investing platforms such as Robinhood and TD Ameritrade supports a lot of people’s opinion that Wall Street is rigged against ordinary investors. The calls to limit trade or defend hedge funds, which are losing money, are ignoring that in a free-market system, anyone can make money. If someone is arguing the opposite, Bruno would be very skeptical of their agenda.

Bipartisan action to make Wall Street fairer

What about the bipartisan call for Wall Street reform? Bruno says that the growing wealth gap points toward issues with the current financial system. He’s pro-capitalism and pro-free market but thinks that it’s a corrupt system. Even Elon Musk called out other billionaires for their response while encouraging ordinary people to invest in GameStop stocks.

How can ordinary people invest going forward?

Bruno urges us to play the stock market safely and smartly. Taking charge of your financial future through investing in the stock market is a way for people to shift power from hedge funds toward ordinary Americans. Despite the response of platforms such as Robinhood, long-term investments in stocks tend to be reliable and profitable. Hopefully, the GameStop scandal will result in an equal playing field for all investors.

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