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How to Avoid Text Neck: You Can Fix Your Posture Now!

Most of us have been at home for a year and have been doing everything remotely – from school to work to social events. Unfortunately, that has resulted in a rise in something called text neck syndrome. Bold TV’s Shaysayys spoke with Dr. Nona Djavid on fixing our posture and avoiding the hunch. 

What is text neck?

Most people don’t have good posture when sitting at their desks. Text neck refers to jutting forward your head and neck while working on a phone or computer. Chronic poor posture is becoming widespread, and it is more important than ever to practice good spine hygiene.

How to avoid text neck

Djavid shared her 20-20-20 rule for avoiding text neck. Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen or do a neck stretch for 20 seconds. Lean your neck towards one shoulder and stretch the opposite arm behind you. Switch sides, and you also will notice that your flexibility differs on each side. You can also stretch your back by bringing your knees to your chest.

The importance of an ergonomic desk set-up

Djavid says that “your posture is the window to your spine.” If your spine is in poor alignment, it can negatively influence your overall health. Your nerves are connected to your spine, and thus chronic bad posture can affect your whole body. It’s important not only to take breaks from sitting at your desk but also to set up your workspace in an ergonomic way.

Make sure your posture at your desk is good. Have someone check you from the side to see if your ear and hip are aligned. Any posture you hold for 20 minutes or longer becomes your posture, so it’s important to practice good posture at your desk. Being self-aware can make a huge difference!

By prioritizing your posture, you will set yourself up for better health and reduced neck and back pain! Leave your tips for better neck and back health in the comments.

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