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Is College Worth It? The Debate Continues

College prices have been rising for years, and recently students have been questioning whether the price is worth it. We saw university and college enrollment drop across the board this fall. This mostly can be explained by the current pandemic, but the trend could continue if prices climb again next year. Sessions College President Gordon Drummond joined Bold TV to explain how online colleges can bridge the gap.

Benefits of online college

The average American student graduates with about $30,000 in student loan debt. Drummond explains that college costs have risen even more than health care costs over the last 10 years! Traditional colleges and universities charge for experience more than education. Most of the bill goes toward activities and amenities outside of the classroom, as opposed to what your professor may be teaching you. Not to mention that you still have to buy books on top of that.

Drummond assures us that online schools can be a solution to the college-worth dilemma. Online schools offer the same education at a more affordable price because they only charge for the actual class. Of course, the pandemic has now made many students familiar with online classes, even those who paid the extra fees for in-person lessons. This means that more and more students could turn toward that more affordable option once things settle down. 

What’s right for you

Some entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates choose to forgo college, and that has certainly worked for them. Sometimes life experience and your common sense are all you need to succeed, especially for entrepreneurs. Plus, don’t forget that some really well-paying careers don’t require a college degree! Jobs such as mechanics, dental assistants, electricians, plumbers and more are available if school just isn’t for you. Of course, Drummond reminds us that college offers a lot in terms of learning, networking and experience. The bottom line is that you should choose what is right for you financially and educationally.

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