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The Connection is Quite Direct: Congressman Matt Gaetz and a Bitcoin machine near Orlando, Florida

Gage Skidmore on Flickr

What do a Bitcoin machine, a disgraced tax collector in Central Florida, and the ongoing national scandal with North Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz have to do with each other? 

Near Orlando, Florida, a local tax collector’s Bitcoin machine and the connection straight back to North Florida congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is missing from the mainstream media’s otherwise thorough reporting. 

As first reported by the New York Times, the Justice Department’s inquiry into Congressman Gaetz focuses on allegations of the congressman paying for sex with underage girls. 

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has been in the news for its surging value. But there’s another story behind the rise of the digital currency. 

Foreign Policy reports that Bitcoin is “being used to fund child sexual exploitation (CSE), creating new opportunities for law enforcement to track down perpetrators.” At least one Bitcoin ATM, a machine that sells the virtual currency for cash, is currently the subject of an unrelated FBI money laundering inquiry in New Hampshire

Bold TV has verified that there was a Bitcoin machine at the Seminole County Tax Collector’s Office in Casselberry. As previously reported by the Orlando Political Observer, the device was installed by the former and now-disgraced tax collector Joel Greenberg. That man is a hyper-connected political provocateur with mega connections including Congressman Matt Gaetz and the network that surrounds this sex scandal.

Today, Joel Greenberg, much like his friend and political ally Gaetz, is the subject of a federal investigation that includes an indictment for sex trafficking. Joel, much like Gaetz, has a track record of strange behavior. Greenberg’s controversial tenure included a lot of enthusiasm about cryptocurrency on his Twitter profile before he was arrested. As reported by Spectrum News 13 here in Orlando: 

“Greenberg created an entity called Government Blockchain Systems LLC. His office was the sole member. Auditors found a “prepayment of $65,860” to the entity. Greenberg said he was creating a method to accept “cryptocurrency as payments… Auditors said that was not needed. They couldn’t find any books or records for the entity. There does not appear to be a public purpose to create a county-wide platform given that there are several non-government entities that already provide the ability to collect cryptocurrency and convert the payment into U.S. dollars,” auditors wrote. About $90,000 was spent to build and install equipment cryptocurrency mining devices from a Chinese company called Antminer in a locked room inside Greenberg’s private office. The equipment overloaded electrical breakers. Greenberg moved the equipment to the Lake Mary branch, where it caused a power surge that started a fire.” 

That very Lake Mary branch, down the street from the Bitcoin Machine in Casselberry, both in the same county, is, in fact, where Congressman Gaetz and Greenberg were caught on camera suspiciously hanging out after hours. The Orlando Sentinel reported that:

“Joel Greenberg and U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz on at least one occasion several years ago were recorded together entering the Seminole County Tax Collector’s Office when it was closed on a weekend night, according to a person familiar with office operations who saw the videotape. The person said the footage showed Greenberg and Gaetz walking into the Tax Collector’s Lake Mary office on Primera Drive. Greenberg was seen going through baskets where driver’s licenses, turned in by residents for disposal, were stored and later went into a back room, the person said.”

The connections between Greenberg and Gaetz continue to be established by the minute by the mainstream media.

The Washington Post is reporting that: “Gaetz is said to have boasted of his access to women’ provided by friend charged in the sex-trafficking case.” That friend is, of course, Joel Greenberg.

Additionally, both men are accused of having “sugar daddy” relationships in the past or cash-for-sex arranged made through online platforms. Furthermore, Gaetz is documented to have been the sole vote against an anti-human trafficking bill in Congress. 

Bold TV continues to follow this rapidly evolving story. For more, follow us @boldtv on all social media platforms and at 

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