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The Lost Art of Staying Connected – Here’s How She Does It

One of the key factors to being a successful entrepreneur is staying connected – whether with old and new clients, friends or family. Ever since everything went virtual, it’s been a lot harder to stay connected. It’s not the same talking to someone onscreen, and sometimes it can be awkward. To help us decipher this dilemma, Bold TV talked with Susan McPherson, CEO of McPherson Strategies and author of “The Lost Art Of Connecting.”

Ways to maintain a relationship in a digital world

McPherson explained it’s important first to address and accept that it’s harder to stay connected with people virtually. By doing this, we consciously admit to ourselves that we have to work harder and step up our game to stay connected.

Also, make your effort intentional. Don’t remember that you haven’t spoken to someone in a while and then spontaneously contact them. Set a system for yourself, and do it in a way that’s easiest for you. Maybe set up a daily list of people to contact per day or spread it throughout the week. Unfortunately, we don’t have those moments where we run into each other anymore, so it’s important to create a system that allows you to keep those connections strong. 

Defining a meaningful connection

According to McPherson’s book, it’s important to think about the community you want to build when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. What might be a meaningful connection to you might not be the same for another person. Surround yourself with people who you believe will help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. At the same time, you want to make sure that the people you are connecting with are diverse. Try finding someone who has the same goals as you do but doesn’t sound or look like you.

So, what do you think? What are some of the ways you connect with people in this day and age? Let us know in the comments below. And get out there, and find your connections!

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