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How Did Jeff Bezos Build His Amazon Empire? Billionaire Mentality

It’s hard to believe that Amazon started as a small e-commerce book store. Today, Amazon is a tech and retail giant and the second largest employer in the U.S., after Walmart. This unstoppable train of a company pushed Jeff Bezos to be the richest man in the world. How did this happen? To learn about “billionaire thinking,” Philip Michael of Bold TV sat down with Brad Stone, Author of ‘”Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire.”

Billionaire mindset

When talking about becoming rich and reaching “the 1%,” people often refer to the “billionaire thinking.” It’s the drive and mindset often needed to reach the goal of becoming a billionaire or millionaire. Part of that billionaire mindset is never sitting still: Always be hungry to do the next thing. Jeff Bezos was never satisfied with what he had. Once he conquered his book store, he moved on to selling other products, eventually becoming the dominant e-commerce store.

Bezos was a restless and relentless CEO, which is the biggest factor in his success. He eventually moved into technology, entertainment, cloud storing and journalism. Every time he would make or raise money, he would invest it into other avenues instead of saving it.

What will be next?

On Feb. 2, Bezos announced he was stepping down from his CEO position. In his absence, what will become of the tech giant? Will it turn into an Apple-Steve Jobs situation? Or will it continue on its trajectory to be new and innovative in almost every field? 

Bezos said he isn’t leaving the company completely. He will still be executive chairman, so he will be very much a part of the decision process. And with its recent acquisition of MGM Studios, it doesn’t look like this empire will be crumbling anytime soon.

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