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Japan Installs Anti-Sex Beds In Olympic Village

Friday, July 23, starts the 2020 Olympics, even though we are technically in 2021. The IOC delayed the Olympics because of C-19, which means these games will occur right before the 2022 Winter Olympics. Athletes and fans alike gather for this huge social event. And we all know there can’t be a worldwide social event without sex. During 2016’s Rio Olympics, they broke records supplying the 17-day event with 450,000 condoms. That averages out to 42 condoms per athlete. 

However, this year, Japan announced a state of emergency only a few weeks before the games commenced in an attempt to contain any C-19 spread. Now, there has been buzz around social media that Japan placed cardboard beds in the Olympic village to prevent intimacy between athletes and other fans. 

Putting the beds to the test

Athletes like the gymnast Rhys McClenaghan have already put these obstacles to the test by jumping on them.

It’s a waste of time.

Instead of using regular frames for beds, the Olympic committee had to go out of their way to create and design these cardboard bed frames. It’s a waste of time and money: When has the floor ever stopped someone from having sex?

What’s more important is for the athletes to have a good night’s sleep before a big competition. So, with a less stable bed, forget about having good sex. I would be more concerned about getting a good night’s sleep because I can only imagine how it must feel to sleep on a piece of cardboard.

Does it matter?

The IOC banned international spectators from attending the events and only opened up at 50% capacity for Japanese citizens. So, the chances of mingling are low. In addition, athletes have already tested positive for C-19, so athletes will probably go straight back to their rooms after an event and not risk their chances at a medal. 

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