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This Entrepreneur is Using Coffee to Spark Meaningful Conversations About Bravery

This Entrepreneur is Using Coffee to Spark Meaningful Conversations About Bravery
Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Think about the things you do every day. Does drinking coffee come to mind? Is it in a travel mug on the go or in a homey mug on the kitchen table? Mindfulness is a popular topic of conversation today: the practice of being present and intentional during the stress of life. What would happen if you were a little more intentional about your coffee? Elisabeth Cardiello, the founder of Caffé Unimatic, believes that coffee signifies conversation and connection. She gathers around an aromatic pot of San Pietro Brunetta blend coffee with Bold TV to discuss this delicious product, entrepreneurship and her movement, “Brave Conversations Over Coffee.”

Brave Conversations Over Coffee

Cardiello had just lost her father. She opened up a door that she thought was a closet, but it was a door to destiny. It was a warehouse that contained unique Italian pots that her father helped design. This take on the percolator was called the Unimatic, and there are only 5,000 left in the world. Cardiello recalled seeing a Unimatic at the center of her childhood dinner table, bringing her family together over hot coffee. She decided people need to learn the lessons that come around a dinner table: how to listen and connect to others. She ventured into colleges and corporations to host Brave Conversations Over Coffee — tastings that create a space for people to be vulnerable. Her movement also focuses on closing the confidence gap in the lives of young women.


Turning Passion Into Action

Cardiello’s journey began when she realized her passions and turned them into actions. She says that innovators know who they are and what their values are; then, they make their passions make sense. Her values evolved into selling beans and Unimatics while facilitating confidence in people. Watch her brave conversation with Bold, and after that, check out her TED Talk or her documentary on Netflix: Coffee For All.


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