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Here’s How to Stay Ahead of the Fintech Game

With all the new currency innovations, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest way of spending money. Take fintech for example. It’s simply an abbreviated version of financial technology, which is a viable payment alternative such as Venmo or Square. Samantha Ettus is the CEO and founder of Park Place Payments, a company that provides businesses with fintech payment technology. Beyond staying current with the newest products, she also has another way of staying relevant. “You don’t just evolve technology, but you also modernize the way technology is sold,” Ettus says.

How big events create opportunities in tech

At the beginning of 2020, many small businesses still hadn’t ventured into fintech, thinking they would switch eventually. People now think twice about handling money, giving their card to a stranger or touching a community kiosk. These small businesses can’t wait any longer, so fintech is booming. And this tech’s increased popularity creates business opportunities. Ettus’s main prediction in the industry is a return to people-based customer service. While most fintech companies have the latest technology, they don’t know how to reach out to small business owners. But the Park Place salesforce includes local people who sell directly to small businesses.

How Park Place builds an approachable salesforce

How do you find a workforce? Look at who’s available. Ettus looks for sidelined sects of society. This may include professional women who had to break from the workforce to raise kids or middle-aged people who were forced out of their industry because of ageism. While Ettus is creating a diverse workforce, she also is making business owners more comfortable. The small business customers like communication with an actual member of their community. The money stays local, and they get top-notch customer service. Ettus gives us the lesson that no matter how futuristic our technology gets, you can’t replace people.

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