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The Sharpe Family Singers on Going Viral

Becoming viral can be either really embarrassing or pleasantly surprising. This family experienced the latter when they rose to fame on TikTok. The Sharpe Family Singers have more than 4 million followers and have multiple TikToks topping 1 million views. But how did this all begin? You’ll never guess where the parents met! The Sharpe family joined Oni Higgins on Bold Life to spread some family-oriented holiday cheer and share their story.

A true Broadway love story

Rewind before all the kids, and this family started because of music! Mom and Dad (Barbara and Ron) met while playing Cosette and Marius in “Les Miserables” on Broadway! Talk about a power couple. They haven’t strayed from their love for music, and they passed it on to their children, too. The whole family travels as the Sharpe Family Singers with their performance “Married to Broadway,” where they sing Broadway classics. Now, their reach is extended with the power of social media that gives everyone a platform.

Spreading Christmas cheer

The Sharpe family loves not only music but also the holidays. They released their Christmas album “A Sharpe Family Christmas” with 10 songs, featuring classics such as “Silent Night” and originals such as “Awaken the Spirit of Christmas.” They even share a snippet of their vocal talents with us on Bold Life, so check out the video!

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