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Is Indoor Dining OK Again? The Future Is Uncertain

Is it finally OK to go out for dinner? We’re in the 13th month of “‘15 days to slow the spread,” and we’re getting mixed signals. The CDC says that restaurants with indoor dining become hotspots for virus transmission. But Bold TV’s David Grasso says the infection rates in open-restaurant states aren’t drastically worse than those with only outdoor dining. Some people say “Let’s just move on. Open up.” Others say “Nah, takeout and contactless delivery are the best way.” So let’s hear from both the West and East Coasts. In this Millennial Minute debate, we hear from Democratic strategist Max Burns in New York and Congressional nominee Joe Collins in California.

Our first approach didn’t work. It’s time to stop chasing our tails.

Collins is over it. He says that the shutdowns, masks and social distancing have failed in slowing the spread and keeping business open. And restaurants can’t survive at 25% capacity. He says it’s time to move forward. 

The reports say it all. Just stay out of restaurants.

Burns says it’s not his opinion; it’s the advice of medical experts of the government. He references a CDC report that the virus increases in restaurants as the capacity increases. In June, indoor dining was forced shut in Texas and some parts of Florida because of new hotspots. To him, that’s that.

These two can agree on three points: 

  1. The rules have been too sporadic, causing confusion for business owners.
  2. We’ve needed more transparency from the government.
  3. Small businesses need more stimulus from the government.

To hear our guests elaborate on this topic, check out the full debate above!

And for another Millennial Minute on indoor dining, check this out.

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