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The Creative Community Isn’t Happy With Adobe.

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The people have spoken, and they’re mad at Adobe. Many young people use Adobe Creative Cloud in their personal and professional lives. Younger generations have grown up playing video games, watching YouTubers and following influencers on social media, so we’ve kept in touch with our creative side. Even Adobe dubbed Gen Z as “Generation Create.” But can they afford steep subscriptions? A heated conversation began when Twitter user @Mrdaddguy shared their experience with Adobe’s enormous cancellation fee, which was almost $300. The creative community spoke up and shared their frustrations with Adobe and Creative Cloud.

The beef with Adobe

Adobe says that users can pay month-to-month. But this user discovered a hidden cancellation fee, so they shared their messages with a customer service representative. “I’m seeing multiple folk today discussing how Adobe suckers people into “monthly” subscriptions that’re actually annual subs in disguise,” the user stated. “Here’s my script. Reuse as needed.”

This designer and animator of 30 years Tweeted that the “products are not worth their subscription price.”

This user talked about cloud membership, subscription fees and how users don’t “rent to own” this software; they “rent to rent” and ultimately shovel thousands of dollars into the company.

Alternative softwares: yes or no?

Creatives even began to share “free and open-source” alternatives to Adobe software.

Piracy is definitely illegal and has civil and criminal penalties. For example, these two programmers pled guilty to running two illegal streaming services, iStreamItAll and Jetflix. On the other hand, the public hasn’t always been silent about piracy, as people freely talk about using Limewire in the 2000s to download music illegally. Is it OK for people to use copy-cat Adobe software?

Using the internet to send a message

Earlier this year, internet users overturned the way Wall Street worked. With this Creative Cloud outrage, ordinary people are grouping together once again to reject the establishment. One Twitter user applauded “using other software to create communities” and ultimately replace Adobe. What do you think? Are the people simply holding the company accountable? Is Adobe’s business plan OK? Is it morally acceptable to use pirated software? Let us know in the comments.

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