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Top Attorney Reveals How to Make Your Divorce Cheaper

Whether it be good or bad, romantic relationships have taken a turn for everyone during these times. Studies show that marriage and divorce rates have gone down as a whole, with experts suggesting it’s because of lack of money and resources. Dror Bikel, a high-profile divorce lawyer in New York City, joined Bold Life to discuss divorce and how to make it less expensive.  

Amicable vs high-conflict 

Will your divorce be amicable or high-conflict? According to Bikel, this is the first thing separated couples should consider. With amicable divorces, both parties agree with the custody arrangements and the division of assets. High-conflict divorces are the complete opposite. 

Things don’t always go as planned

“People want to win. People want to be seen by the courts as the winner, they want somebody to raise their hand and say, ‘you were right.’ And, unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way,” Bikel explained. Anger and pain tend to cloud the reality of the situation, and this impacts the outcome of divorces. Bikel suggests people find ways to vent. Going into it with feelings of anger, pain and entitlement can be a recipe for disaster.

Inexpensive divorces

Divorces can be expensive, which is why a Tennessee law firm is giving away a free divorce for Valentine’s Day. The best way to save money is by handling it amicably. Disagreements over assets and custody can delay the divorce, making it more expensive in the end. Bikel’s firm knows this first-hand. They have been representing some clients since 2007. Bikel says, “The qualities that make for an easy divorce and inexpensive divorce are the same qualities that actually make for a good marriage, which is to be kind and to be generous.” 

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