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This Is How to Budget for the Summer, According to Qube!

Hot girl summer is approaching, and the CDC is lifting mask mandates for vaccinated people. With the restrictions easing up, travel has been increasing, and people are eager to get out of the house and spend money. While it might be a good time to put those stimulus checks and tax refunds to use, it’s best to start with a budget. Shane Walker, the co-founder of Qube, joined Bold Life to talk more about how to budget!

Saving money in a cashless society

If you’re unaware, people used to divvy up their money in labeled envelopes when they wanted to budget. When it was time to make purchases, they would use the right envelope. Saving money has always been a struggle, but now it’s even worse. We’re slowly moving into a cashless society, so it can be hard to track purchases. Walker and his team modernized this envelope concept with Qube. The app allows users to digitally create their “envelopes” and place money into each sector, which gives them a clear view of how much money is being saved or spent.

Keep your spending under control.

Qube helps users keep track of their spending by making sure every dollar counts. When you transfer money into the app, it has to be in a qube (envelope) to be spent. It will also decline purchases if users try to overspend the amount of money that’s in a qube. They’re actually helping users stick to the spending budgets they’ve set.

Many people using the app save for family trips, sinking funds and more. Walker mentioned a couple based out in Las Vegas that was able to save $4,000 in their first month of using the platform. It showed them which spending habit changes they needed to make to succeed. Do you think this app could help you manage your money?

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