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When Should Kids Get Social Media?

It can be challenging when a kid wants to be on social media. If you’re a parent, the big questions you might be facing are: Should I allow my child to be on social media? At what age is it OK to allow them to have their own page? Is my kid ready to be on these outlets? Host David Grasso tries to ease your mind in this Millennial Minute with two amazing moms: Denise Albert, founder of TheMoms.Com, and Chenelle Young, celebrity trainer and lifestyle expert. 

Two moms’ approaches to social media 

Look, every child’s experience on social media can be very different, so there is no really easy way to go about these situations. Young saw the effects of social media on her 14-year-old niece and saw that it affects kids’ mental health. So, her kids won’t be on social media until they are 16 years old. Albert’s approach to this dilemma was to allow her child to have social media but monitor it. Both moms make sure they tell their kids not to get so caught up with the vanity of social media and to look behind-the-scenes.

Let your kids be kids, not influencers 

These moms agree that protecting your kid while on these apps is super important. But they also want their children to think about why they are posting to social media. Is it inspiring? Will it help others? What is the purpose of this post? They don’t just want their kids to have the “look at me” perspective, but rather to look at why they’re posting something.

If you’re a parent, when do you think kids should get social media? If you’re not a parent, these are the questions we have to ask in these times. For more on kids in the tech world, check this out.

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