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What Is the Future of the Food Industry?

The food industry took a hit at the beginning of the pandemic. Most states suspended indoor dining, making it difficult for restaurants to stay afloat. People supported their local restaurants by ordering from them directly or through a third-party app. In this new climate, food delivery has become essential. Will we continue to see this trend? How can the food industry adapt? Andy Sartori, CEO of MealPro, joined Bold to discuss his company and the future trends in the food industry. 

Ordering from home

According to a Second Measure study, meal delivery sales increased by 138%, meaning many people are using tech to order food. In addition to this, more people are buying meals from subscription-based food services. While most meal plans arrive at your doorstep uncooked, MealPro takes a different approach. It’s able to customize menus that reach the customer’s nutritional goals. These meals are then prepared by the team and delivered to your doorstep hot. 

Different models of food delivery

When we think about food delivery services, our minds go to different apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates. While these apps are great, they aren’t vertically integrated. Instead of making the product, these services banks on finding someone to deliver the third-party product (food) to its customers. MealPro is more involved with every aspect of their company by working directly with farmers, creating the orders in-house and delivering them.

Tips for aspiring food industry entrepreneurs

Even though times are difficult, now’s the perfect time to explore your options and map out your business. Sartori personally knows of catering businesses that have gone out of business; however, people now are going back to the office. Sartori sees this as a great time for aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare for catering office events. If that isn’t your lane, he suggests looking into the food delivery sector, which allows you to decide how integrated you want their business to be.

Will you get involved in the food industry this year?

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